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Welcome to Create or Conquer !

Create a RPG Character

Register Now! It's FREE! Create a RPG Character and Play!

You are currently only allowed to have 5 RPG characters. Creating a RPG character is made up of 5 steps. Each of the steps is documented below.

Step 1: Select a Game Type

Select a game type to play. The following steps will be based on the type of game you select. Currently we are only offering Fantasy and Sci-Fi. If you're interested in contributing for other types of games (War etc), please contact us!

Step 2: Select a Race

Choose a race for your RPG character. Races currently have no benefit to game play - but allow you some customization. Over 18 RPG Fantasy races are: Alaghi, Bugbear, Centaur, Dwarf, Elf, Gnoll, Gnome, Goblin, Half Orc, Halfling, Half Ogre, Hobgoblin, Human, Kobold, Minotaur, Ogre, Orc, Satyr. You decide who is Good or Evil?!

Step 3: Select Gender & Name

Select a gender for your character. Genders are standard: male, female. Some races only have male genders available. Here is some important information about naming your character.

  • Your character name may be one or more words
  • Please do not use special characters, such as: ', " etc
  • If you choose to use a 'naughty' word in your character name, the name will not be allowed
  • Your name may be up to 50 characters in length
Step 4: Select an RPG Avatar

Choose an avatar for your RPG character. Over 90 avatars to choose from! You can change RPG avatars at any time from the Character Maintenance section. Log into our Test account (username: test/password: test) and preview all the avatars!

Sample RPG Avatars

Step 5: Rolling Stats

Rolling stats allows you to randomly generate your Strength, Mind and Luck skills. These skills are needed for solving puzzles, opening locks, probing traps etc in the game. Once you have generated some random statistics, and are happy with your RPG character, click the �Create Character� button to create your character. You will be asked to confirm the creation of your RPG character.

Once your RPG character is created you will be able to play them from the Play Now! Section.

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