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Welcome to Create or Conquer !

About Create or Conquer

Why, Why, Why?

If you read nothing else on this page, read this next line.

This game system was built over the past two years because I wanted a means for anyone with a passion for role-play gaming to be able to create their own quests for any game type imaginable. Make any quest, add items, containers, buildings, streets, characters to the world. You are in control! Hopefully you will never be quest-less again!

So you're asking, "Why did you go through all this effort to make this game system?". Well, I am a computer programmer, and I have a love for games, especially role-playing games (RPG)...

I am a pretty avid gamer, and I used to buy lots of different RPG games. But I found with all of them, that the gameplay got boring or the content got stale. Too many times did I solve all the quests, and just endlessly and aimlessly run around the world looking for something to do...

So please login, have a look around, read some of the online help to contribute to the world.

If you want to recommend a game type, or be a world moderator - please email us!

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