Create Or Conquer is a unique free PBBG (Persistent Browser Based Game). Not only can you play the game as a heroic character trying to win fame and fortune, but you can turn around and create your very own RPG game world. It is the best of both worlds.


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How It Works

Its true, you can create your very own RPG game world. Isn’t it everyone’s dream to make their own online game and now you can! Here’s how:

  • Register a World Builder Account. Its Free.
  • Choose your game name, and set up how many characters players can have, what type of money is used in your world. You might decide to have a fantasy world, a space opera, or a western. The choices are all yours!
  • Set the starting statistics for your players, how much health, fatigue and other stats will they receive.
  • Create the sort of races that exist in your new world. Is your world a fantasy world with Orcs, Goblins, Elves, Dwarves or Sci-Fi with Robots, Aliens, and more?

Game System Features

We have made it so easy for you to create your own RPG world, that you do not need to worry about game mechanics or system features. Our COCRPG system is very robust and allows the following features:

  • You can create multiple RPG characters for different games.
  • Take part in real-time chat systems: World Chat, Tavern Chat and Adventure Party Chat
  • Group with your friends in an adventure party
  • Duel other players in Arenas (PvP)
  • Craft to create your own potions, rings, weapons and armor
  • Bank to store your excess gold and earn daily interest
  • Storage your items in a vault
  • Experience 100s quests to play in five of the main established worlds, with 100s more to come by people like you!

At Create Or Conquer our goal is for you to have fun, meet new people, plunder dungeons, kingdoms, and build and rule your Realm!

Create & Play In Your Own RPG World